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A perfect day for racing greeted us on the Sunday morning for Round 1 of the NSKC Club Series at Eastern Creek.

Team Kart Wraps only had the two drivers racing today. Darren Dowd in the #51 CRG and Andrew “Sticky” Green in the #19 Arrow, both in the TaG Restricted Masters Light Category.

It was a busy start to the morning with ex-driver (due to injury) Steve Doric, assisting Sticky with a new set-up thanks to over the phone assistance by our Rotax Pro Tour driver, Nathan Owens.

Darren started the day on pole for the first heat of the Masters Light whilst Sticky, still on his “P’s” charged from the year gaining practice. Darren took the win in heat 1, his first ever.

For Sticky, Nathan’s tips definitely did the trick & starting from the rear, managed to weave through traffic to finish in 6th.

Throughout the day, with little tweaks in each heat race, lap times began to fall. In the end, taking about 2 seconds off by the time the final came round.

The final was going to be a ding dong battle up front with the usual off track banter with our good mate Jock Dos Santos in the #7 Redspeed, complete with his updated Kart Wraps sticker kit.

Darren #51 and Jock #7, battle it out in the final

Up the back of the pack, Sticky had a scorcher of a run. The last tweak made to the kart did the trick & the #19 Arrow was on rails.

Sticky weaved through the pack picking off driver after driver with some clean passing moves through the high speed section at “Grandstand”. He passed five drivers, with two in the last lap and a PB time for the day.

Back up the front, it was #71 Mick Schiller taking the lead from #14 Ron Arnold, Jock and Darren in 4th.

The battles for each position was hectic throughout the entire race. Many a passing move took place in the lead bunch, but to no avail, the positions remained.

Points for the day in the Masters Light Class put Michael Schiller in first, Ron in 2nd, Jock 3rd and Darren in 4th. With the moves through the back of the pack, the big mover was Sticky & is now in 5th place on the NSKC ladder.

The entire list is posted below.

A very special thanks to Steve Doric (team mechanic & photographer for the day), Nathan Owens for the hot set-up tips, Ian & Lillian at Stones Kart Sport for their assistance with equipment in the morning, and finally, assisting Darren in his setup & preparation throughout the day, Dave from Runaway Motorsports.

Round two of the club championship will be on the 3rd of April in the Anti-Clockwise direction. This will also be the Rotax Pro-Tour Shakedown event so it’s likely to be a big one. Sticky is especially looking forward to this now as you can see below… no more “P’s”!!!


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